Sorting machines

Sorting machines


The (small) sorting machines of Moba are an essential link in the egg industry of the world. These small sorting machines are made of stainless steel, which guarantees years of service with minimal maintenance. Despite the solid and robust design, these small sorting machines are compact and low in weight.


The staalkat sorting machines ensure that the eggs receive a downward delivery. This delivery eliminates lateral collisions causing the eggs to be gently treated. Furthermore, the machine has a simple design, requiring minimum maintenance.


The Ovograder is an extremely accurate and user-friendly egg weighing and sorting machine. Sorting of eggs by weight increases the uniformity and thus the value per egg for the next link in the processing process. The Ovograder can be expanded with multiple packers for central sorting and packaging. Eggs within the set weight class (es) go to the egg packing machine. Eggs with different weights come on a shelf for manual picking. The sorter releases statistical information for analysis and accurate management of egg production.