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 Egglifter van Roessel techniek



Easy to move multiple eggs

Without additional tools*

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Product information

Brand: Van Roessel Techniek

Article number: VR60

Availability: On stock

Delivery time: 5-6 business days

Standard package

- Egglifter

- 12 suction cups

- Caps (for lifting 10 eggs)

Product description

For quickly and easily moving multiple eggs at the same time. By keeping your thumb on the opening at the top of the Egglifter you maintain a vacuum. This vacuum keeps the eggs attached to the suction cups.

The Egglifter can be used for moving 10 eggs and 12 eggs using the supplied set of caps. You simply remove 2 suction cups from the Egglifter and place the caps in its place.

All this makes the Egglifter a very useful product. You do not need a power or vacuum pump anymore, only the