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 Print- and stamping machines

Stamping machines

We sell stamping machines from two different brands: Nuovo and Hedipack. These stamping systems are based on a high resolution stamp technology. These machines can be used to stamp a logo, name and / or code on the eggs.


This technology stamps the print on the egg with a precision of 600 DPI (dots per inch), we hear from our customers that this technology is very suitable for the branding and marketing of eggs.

We supply manual stamping systems as well as automatic systems on conveyor belt and (high capacity) egg-sorting & packaging machines.

Because of our wide range we can always find a solution for your specific needs

Printing machines


Nuovo Egg-Jet systems are based on ink-jet cartridges technology resulting in a perfect print quality, they can be used to print a date on the eggs in combination with a name or (traceability) code.

One of the main features of the Egg-Jet technology is the automatic date function, making our print systems a perfect option for printing a production and / or shelf life on your eggs.

Egg-Jet systems are very easy to maintain and operate due to their technological simplicity, ensuring the lowest possible downtime.

We supply both stand-alone systems and automatic inline systems for (high capacity) egg-sorting and packaging machines.

Because of our wide range we can always find a solution for the smallest to the largest applications.

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